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“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” - Brené Brown

You have been dealing with depression, shame, guilt, and a lack of confidence for awhile. You know it’s time to face your problems and stop running, but life keeps getting in the way. You took the brave step of picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment to finally talk to someone, but your job called you in, the babysitter canceled, the car broke down, etc.

But there is a way to still get the help you so desperately seek. Distance Therapy, also known as distance counseling, telehealth, telemedicine,  online therapy, and "Skype therapy" allows us to work together towards resolving long-term problems and concerns, as well as, more recent issues all from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever is convenient for you using technology such as phone or video.


  • You travel a lot.

  • You work from home.

  • You need to make every second of your busy day count.

  • You're not comfortable or ready to meet with a therapist in-office.

  • You have medical issues that make it difficult to move about.

  • You have problems with transportation.

  • Your work schedule is not flexible for traditional therapy hours.

...Distance Therapy may be just the option to get you on the road to inner peace and strength.

* Limitations to Distance Therapy: As a trained therapist in the state of Arkansas, we do not provide therapy in other states. If you are seeking online therapy or counseling you must primarily reside in the state of Arkansas. 

Please read policy and agreement about Distance Therapy.

If you ready for a change, but life keeps getting in the way? Let’s talk and see how distance therapy can be the answer you need.