You thought you had dealt with your past. You thought it was all behind you…

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You left home. You went to college and experienced life. You had wonderful relationships and even got married and raised your own family. But you recognize that throughout the years, you have felt weighted down by shame, guilt, sadness, and anxiety. You’re constantly feeling that nothing you do is good enough. You realize you have never been truly happy with your life. Nonetheless, you have put on your daily mask of smiling and laughter and went through life pretending like everything was ok, and until now this has worked for you. 

Now you struggle to get out of bed every morning, your mind is constant racing and you can’t stop it from being sad about what happened yesterday and worrying about what you need to do tomorrow. You spend your nights exhausted and crying but not understanding why. As the cracks in your mask start to form, you find yourself constantly hiding from your friends and family that now everyone is asking you “What’s wrong?” You’re tired of pretending you’re happy. You want to understand and experience what it means to be truly happy with yourself and with your life. You want to know what it is to believe that you really are good enough.


You know you need help and you can’t keep going the way that you are, but the shame of having to admit you don’t have it all together, that you’re not as strong as everyone thinks, and the guilt of taking time away from your partner and children to focus on you has you stuck in place like quicksand. But what if ... 

... you woke up one morning free from the ghost of your past, free from that inner critic, free from the shame, guilt, and sadness? What would your life look like then? How would you truly feel?


Imagine waking of after a peaceful night where you didn’t toss and turn all night because your mind your thoughts finally were quiet. Imagine being with your partner, friends, or family, and really enjoying that time which is full of laughter coming from the depths of your belly and a smile that lights up your entire face that you’re glowing. Imagine walking into a room with your head had high knowing you belong and you are good enough. Just imagine…

I’m Monique Randle, LCSW. I specialize at helping women like you break free from the chains of your past so that you can finally accept, embrace, and love yourself as you truly are. I will help you to face your past by providing you with the space you need to feel safe enough to tell your story no matter how dark and ugly it is. I will teach you how to express your feelings and needs so that you are finally heard, discover your inner strengths and talents you had forgotten exist, and help you learn to manage your emotions and your reaction to daily life challenges so that you are are in control of them instead of them being in control over you. 

You can experience true happiness and live your life authentically and unapologetically, click the options below to learn how:

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I can be found at the group practice, Conway Counseling & Wellness Center in Hot Springs, AR. I am also available for online counseling. If you are ready to learn to embrace the imperfectly perfect woman you are