Relationship Counseling

The beginning of a relationship is full of romance, passion, and affection. You play and laugh together and spend time figuring out each other. As the relationship progress, cracks start to form, and you begin to question “Am I with the right one?” You argue, ignore, withhold affection, say hurtful things, shout, and storm away.

Often in relationships, when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, old wounds from earlier relationships start to show up. You experience disappointment, shame and guilt as you question if you are good enough and/or you begin to blame your partner(s) for not meeting your needs. But to move towards relational healing you have to move past these reactions. Couples Therapy is the gift to healing relational and attachment wounds.

When you come to see me, I provide a safe space for you and your partner(s) to discover what you really want and need from a loving relationship, and address how you and your partner(s) may be getting in the way of having your needs and desires met. My hope is that through this process, you and your partner(s) will better understand each other’s struggles, have more meaningful conversations, and strengthen the connection between each of you instead of alienating. So whether you are dating, in a long-term relationship, engaged, or married, I can help you gain clarity about yourself and your relationship, repair the cracks and broken pieces of your relationship, and make the brave choice to stay or leave.

“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly” - Sam Keen

Relationship Counseling Approach

The 3-Phases to Relationship 2.0 remix

I use the Prepare/Enrich Method to help my couples, which includes three phases.

The First Phase is the couples assessment, which includes a 90-minute initial meeting with both partners, and a separate 45-minute session with each partner (90-minutes).

The Second Phase is a 90-minute feedback session.

The Third Phase focuses on establishing a new relationship. With precise focus, I zone in on what matters most so that you can get on with enjoying a new relationship of deeper connection, increased intimacy, and sexual satisfaction.

You and your partner will complete an online assessment-the Prepare/Enrich Standard-after your conjoint session and prior to your individual session. This is like a physical exam of your relationship that provides vital information and insight into your relationship dynamics, commitment levels, personality, spiritual beliefs, and family systems. This assessment helps us to zone in on the areas we need to address with efficiency so we can get you where you want to go, fast!

While I have am trained in the Prepare/Enrich Method, you should know that I am completely independent in providing you with clinical services, and I, alone, am fully responsible for those services. Prepare/Enrich or its agents have no responsibility for the services you receive.