Why sex therapy?

Why sex therapy?

Because you don’t need to continue to settle for mediocre sex. You have become resentful with the quality and frequency of sex in your life. The thought of sex has you filled with anxiety, and you no longer find it enjoyable. Perhaps, you’re engaging in compulsive sexual behaviors that are causing you some distress, and you realize it’s time to deal with it. Your body is no longer the same as it was 5 years ago, you no longer feel confident and sexy naked, but you want to get your confidence back, and feel sexy naked standing in front of the mirror. I’m here to help.

Sex therapy is about helping you to achieve greater sexual satisfaction and increased intimacy without feeling the pressure to perform and being stuck in your head with mindless chatter. You should never have to settle for mediocre sex that has you wondering “Is this it?” or “What am I missing?” Whether you want to explore your sexuality, introduce new ideas into the bedroom, deal with a mismatch in libidos, increase intimacy, or heal from past unhealthy relationships you can begin to feel sexual confidence in and outside of the bedroom.

“When it comes to sex, the most important six inches are the ones between the ears.” - Ruth Westheimer

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is specialized therapy that provides a safe, nonjudgmental place to explore, discuss, and resolve issues that hinder sexual comfort and satisfaction without shame or guilt because the relationship with your therapist is very important for you to get the most of of sex therapy. During sex therapy, the sex therapist shares their knowledge of human sexuality and expertise in working with sexual functioning and relationship challenges.

Sex therapists are trained to diagnose the psychological origins of sexual issues and work to find solutions. This will often mean collaborative relationships with physicians whose specialty is sexual medicine. Despite the many myths and misconceptions, sex therapy does NOT involve nudity and does NOT involve sexual or physical contact between the therapist and client.

My clinical approach is grounded in research and evidence, rather than smoke and mirrors or vague, general promises. This approach offers solutions that actually work, based on research and clinical experience, instead of spreading misinformation and confusion.

What issues can sex therapy help me with?

There are many reasons why people seek out sex therapy. Some of the issues that sex therapy can help with are as follows:

  • Difficulty either getting and/or keeping an erection

  • Difficulty maintaining control of ejaculation or trouble with timing

  • Inability to orgasm or difficulty orgasming either alone or with a partner

  • Lack or loss of sexual desire

  • Questioning sexual orientation or gender identity

  • Feelings of embarrassment or shame about your body

  • Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia)

  • Involuntary spasming of the vagina (Vaginismus)

  • Performance anxiety has resulted in you avoiding sex

  • You had a baby and now you’re no longer interested in sex

  • Explore your desire for kinkier sex

  • Resolve discrepancies in sexual desire between you and your partner(s)

  • Resolve compulsive sexual behavior that’s causing problems in your life and relationships

  • Recover from an affair

  • Learn to reconcile with being single

  • Explore relationship variants such as an open, polyamorous, or non-monogamous relationship

    I understand that it can be difficulty to reach out to a sex therapist. With the very first phone call, I make the process easy and welcoming without any shame or guilt. The path to sexual satisfaction begins today.